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The American Massage Therapy Association® represents more than 53,000 massage therapists in 27 countries. AMTA works to establish massage therapy as integral to the maintenance of good health and complementary to other therapeutic processes; to advance the profession through ethics and standards, certification, school accreditation, continuing education, professional publications, legislative efforts, public education, and fostering the development of members.


The BCMT 1000-Hour Certificate program is one of the first of its kind and has set the framework for many other massage therapy programs and schools. Graduating with a 1000-Hour Certificate in Massage Therapy gives you the flexibility to practice massage anywhere in the US and many places abroad. Each state is different in the number of hours of training it requires for therapists, but 1000 hours is the maximum.


National Certification is a credential therapeutic massage and bodywork practitioners may hold by meeting certain eligibility criteria, taking and passing an examination, upholding a national Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, and demonstrating continued education in the field.